While there will be no 2016 edition of the Oakland Underground Film Festival, we are actively committed to enriching Bay Area film culture. Stay tuned for future OAKUFF events; check out our Facebook page in the meantime.

What is Underground?

To us underground means: unconventional, bottom-up, misfit, badass, outsider, outlaw, rebel, underdog, minority, local, urban, green, and revolutionary.

The Oakland Underground Film Festival is a showcase for independent and Do-It-Yourself film, video, and projection-art based in Oakland, California. The Oakland Underground Film Festival places special emphasis on local filmmakers, social justice, urban life, the environment and works of fiction and non-fiction that thrive outside of classic narrative filmmaking. The festival provides first look opportunities at films that entertain, educate, and inspire, by celebrated filmmakers, and emerging artists alike. In addition to the annual event in September, the Oakland Underground Film Festival produces original works and hosts special events/presentations throughout the year.