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3200 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610-2739
(510) 452-3556



Dir: Victoria Mahoney
90 Min

A graceful churning of sound, color, and chaotic emotion, Victoria Mahoney’s semi-autobiographical directorial and screenwriting debut has been called “the cinematic equivalent of Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew,” and it burns as it goes down, leaving you slightly dizzy, staring into the clouds. Starring the luminous Zöe Kravitz as Sweetness and Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) as her high school nemesis, Yelling to the Sky is a coming-of-age mash-up of raw emotion where the only answer to the brutal riddle of urban adolescence is to join in the fight for acceptance and survival. Yelling makes its Bay Area premiere at OakUFF after premiering at Berlinale and SXSW.




Grand Tavern

Opening Night Party

3601 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610





Friday September 23rd


8410 Amelia Street
Oakland, CA 94621

Las Marimbas del Infierno

Dir: Julio Hernández Cordón
72 min.

What happens when you mix heavy metal with the jaunty marimba, a giant instrument akin to a xylophone? Award-winning director Julio Hernández Cordón's second feature follows the stoic Don Alfonso, a down-and-out musician who needs a new path for himself and his beloved companion, a marimba inscribed with the words siempre juntos (“together always”). Through his glue-sniffing godson, Chiquilin, Don Alfonso meets the tattooed ex-satanist rocker Blacko, and the trio form an unlikely union revolving around the national musical instrument of Guatemala. Melding documentary and narrative styles, as well as drama and humor, Hernández Cordón's genuine characters and telling longshots add depth to this imaginative tale.







Tarantino, le disciple de Hong-Kong

Dirs: Jac & Johan
51 min.

Blood-spattered 15-minute sequences of kung fu fighting! Deathly sword fights! Eyeballs ripped out with bare hands! To some film fans these scenes say Quentin Tarantino. To others, they say classic 20th-Century Asian cinema from Hong Kong to Japan. To the directors, professors, actors, and cinema buffs in Jac and Johan's striking new documentary, perhaps they say both.

Arguably no American auteur has been able to integrate the milieu of Asian cinema into the American lexicon like Quentin Tarantino, from Reservoir Dogs, to Death Proof, to his most obvious Hong Kong homage, Kill Bill. Throughout this inventive documentary (complete with a battered 35mm look and chapter division a la Tarantino) one theme is apparent: Tarantino is, as one interviewee puts it, “a living, breathing film fan.” He approaches Hong Kong and other Asian cinema with respect and intelligence, ingests it heartily, and creates an homage to the original (imprinting it with his signature dialogue), not an Americanized rip-off, as some critics have claimed. Interviews with such Hong Kong cinema heavyweights as director Ringo Lam (City on Fire) and actor Gordon Liu (Johnny Mo and Pai Mei in Kill Bill 1 & 2) are particularly thought-provoking.


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Preceeded by short:


Dir: Jim Granato
7 min.

In the era of digital technologies, dealing with Super 8 film is for smugglers and outlaws.













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DEVIOUS, INC. (and live pre-show)*

Dir: xuxE
88 min.
United States

Ron Everett wants glamour, glory, fortune, and fame! But with his ma and pa leaving him the dreary family shoe farm, filled with boring work boots and orthopedic sandals, our dreamer now has just one week to make it big in New Cityville and revive the family business. Through his spot-on fashion sense, Ron seems to get in good with the rich and fabulous Bitch. But when she kicks him to the curb, our determined hero puts together his own ragtag crew to beat Bitch and her delicious dominatrixes at the Wheel of Fetish competition!

Local director xuxE's film is kitschy fun from start to finish, featuring impromptu musical numbers and plenty of strange kink... and it may even solve the mystery of the legendary sparkly shoes.












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Saturday September 24th

8410 Amelia Street
Oakland, CA 94621



Dir: Tsuneo Goda
60 min.

Exploration and filmmaking are fun for all ages when you see the world through the eyes of the curious cat Komaneko, an adorable stop-motion animated puppet popular with children and grown-ups the world over. This beloved Japanese short-turned-feature combines inviting little vignettes that speak volumes through poetic meows, soulful music, and Komaneko's perfect kitty face. You won’t escape falling in love as you follow our young heroine on adventures with friendly woodland monsters, ghosts, and feisty stuffed animals.




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Devious image

6:30 pm

63 min.


Experimental-ity frees the mind of definitions and open its doors to a hodgepodge of animated wonders, talking animals, , dancing mutants, , Satan, and, perhaps, the meaning of life. Animals get funky in Animal Beatbox. Cupid rules in Bottle, where Snow and Sand pursue an impossible love story. A frantic dance shakes us up in Wilderness. When two graffiti tigers (Graffitiger) come to life, Love is the protagonist again. An artist looks at herself through stop-motion animation in Retrato de Noa (Portrait of Noa). Can paper animals discuss politics and sex? They sure do in Blood & Cinnamon. Black and white geometric shapes and the human body intersect in J’s rotoscope animation. WHITELICK and The Commandments, or the Nostril of Ektor Kaknavatos speculate over Jesus and Satan, but in antipodal ways: black & white versus color, love versus hate. Hungarian Casanova Zoltan charms women, men, and animals alike while dancing mutants in Suspicion! remind us that everything is fleeting on earth.







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7:45 pm
GANDU (2010)

Dir: Kaushik Mukherjee
85 min.

Gandu (trans. “asshole” or “loser”) is a young punk-rap visionary struggling with the meaninglessness of his life and stumbling from one embarrassment to another. He and his Bruce Lee-obsessed best friend embark on a psychedelic journey that leads them through all the passions of youth, from rage to desire. Boldly edited and cleverly told, this film has to be seen to be believed. Director Q (aka Kaushik Mukherjee) bridges an unpolished style with  deft, confident cinematic skill. In the same way Antoine Doinel exploded on the scene in defiance of the cinema of quality, Gandu flies in the face of the bloat and pomp of Bollywood.

Co-presented by Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).











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9:30 pm

Dir: Joshua Atesh Litle
84 min.
United States / France

From phrase to sentence to verse to rhyme to the evolution of hip hop, it is the languageof the MCs—born in the Bronx—that guides breakdancers and graffiti artists. But a smooth voice and a dope beat don't create a movement. The frustration of the poor, the powerless, and the politically forgotten who demand to be heard are the genre’s true building blocks. These are also the key commonalities of Paris' vibrant immigrant population, the East German malcontents, a feminist Senegalese rap trio, and the Jews and Arabs who come together on stage in the West Bank in Bay Area-native Joshua Atesh Litle's fierce and ferocious new documentary.







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Furious image
Furious image

11:00 pm
PUNK FUNK MOB & OAKLAND FADERS perform to an all star projectionist jam by Illuminated Corridor Department of Public Works.

























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