Oakland Underground Film Festival 2014 program

GRAND LAKE THEATER, 3200 Grand Avenue - Oakland, CA


7:00 pm @ Grand Lake Theater

Director Hugh Sullivan, Starring Josh McConville, Hannah Marshall
85 min

In the film that Indiewire calls “an exemplary time travel comedy,” romance, science fiction, and dark humor collide hilariously as eccentric scientist Dean attempts to patch up his relationship the only way he knows how--by literally changing the past. Armed with the necessary accoutrements for a romantic getaway, food, music, the Kama Sutra, and one handy time machine, Dean is certain he can woo Lana. What could possibly go wrong? Answer: Everything. As Dean and Lana become trapped in an escalating and outlandish neverending loop of Dean’s own making in first time director Hugh Sullivan’s debut film the result is a whip smart film with a lot of heart.

9:00 pm @ Grand Lake Theater

Director Ernie Barbarash, Starring Michael Jai White
103 min

Meet John "Falcon" Chapman - an ex-marine in Brazil's slums, battling the yakuza outfit who attacked his sister and left her for dead. He will stop at nothing to hunt down his sister's attackers, and discovers an underground world of drugs, prostitution, and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia along his path of destruction. Directed by Ernie Barbarash (6 BULLETS; ASSASSINATION GAMES) and starring Michael Jai White, FALCON RISING is the first installment of the new CODENAME: FALCON martial arts series. White, who trained with Jean-Claude Van Damme and holds black belts in several martial arts, is known for his roles in SPAWN and DARK KNIGHT, and starred in BLACK DYNAMITE, which OakUFF premiered in 2009 to a sold-out midnight Castro Screening.

390 - 27th Street - Oakland, CA

Que Caramba es la Vida

7:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by Berlin & Beyond and San Joaquin International Film Festival

Director Doris Dörrie
86 min

Join us for the Bay Area premiere of the musical documentary, QUE CARAMBA ES LA VIDA. Learn about Mariachi, a style of folk music through the stories and performances of female Mariachi musicians. In a Macho music scene it is refreshing to watch as generations of women Mariachis captivate and move audiences on the streets of Mexico city. This film is full of amazing performances of Mexican folk songs that will warm your heart if you grew up listening to Mariachi and excite you if it is something new.

9:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by Frameline

Director Charlie Vaughn, Starring Brandon Alexander III, Dudley Beene
100 min

Sixteen Candles meets Hairspray in the hilarious camp explosion of FIRST PERIOD, the gayest, drag-iest teen movie you'll ever see. The smart, non-stop snappy dialogue and twisted cast of high school characters will have you in stitches faster than you can say, "Where's the beef?" Featuring an outrageous poolside popsicle fellatio scene, a lipstick trick that would make Molly Ringwald proud, and a bitchin' original soundtrack, FIRST PERIOD is a laugh out loud romp through teenage hilarity and a super gay tribute to your favorite '80s flicks. Totallyawesomerad, right?

11:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Director Michael Lehmann, Starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater
103 min

The joyful, saccharine films on the 1980s were rife with pretty pink dresses and gleeful tales of scoring a date from the most popular hunk in school. But not at Westerberg High. Now an epic cult classic, director Michael Lehmann’s 1988 HEATHERS is the acerbic antidote to John Hughes—it’s all murder, mayhem, and malicious dialogue when Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) teams up with the bad boy J.D. (Christian Slater) to turn on the clique of her frenemies, all conveniently named Heather. As the body count rises, Veronica begins to wonder if they’re going to prom or to hell. Grab your favorite Swatch dogs and Diet Coke heads and join us. It’ll be very.

390 - 27th Street - Oakland, CA

12:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by San Francisco Film Society

Directors: Gary Yost, Jenovah Carlisle, Alex Zajicek, Jason Boyce, Summer Dunsmore, Leslie Dreyer, Benjamin Wiessner, Michael Morgenstern
89 min

THE INVISIBLE PEAK, Gary Yost, 22 min., 2013

A CALL TO GRACE, Jenovah Carlisle, 13 min., 2013

HD, Alex Zajicek, 7 min., 2014

DAY OF THE DEAD, Jason Boyce, 4 min., 2013

HOT DESERT NIGHT, Summer Dunsmore, 5 min., 2013

GHOST OF THE RIVER: OUT OF THE SHADOWS (excerpt), Leslie Dreyer, 10 min., 2013

CONFUSION THROUGH SAND, Benjamin Wiessner, 12 min., 2013

LILY IN THE GRINDER, Michael Morgenstern, 14 min., 2013

Film: Lost Landscapes

2:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Director Rick Prelinger
90 min

Lost Landscapes

Join OakUFF for an encore presentation of film archivist Rick Prelinger's first-ever East Bay-focused presentation in his lauded series of LOST LANDSCAPES screenings: a montage of rediscovered and rarely-seen film clips showing the Oakland of yore, captured by amateurs, newsreel cameramen, and industrial filmmakers. Prelinger, the founder of the legendary Prelinger Archives who has become known for sold-out Detroit and San Francisco LOST LANDSCAPES screenings, created this compilation of ephemera as a commission from the Oakland Museum of California. Critical Mass co-founder and director of community archive Shaping San Francisco Chris Carlsson guest emcees and narrates the program along with audience questions, shout-outs, and memories.

4:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by CAAM

Director Anthony Lucero
105 min

Years of working in the food industry have made Juana’s hands fast—very fast. The working-class Latina single mother can slice and dice anything you throw at her with speed and precision, and her skills land her a position as a kitchen assistant at a local Japanese restaurant. As Juana secretly observes the sushi chefs, her passion for food is re-ignited, and the invigorated chef discovers a whole new world of cuisine and culture, discovers new friendships, and battles the racial and gender norms, determined to not let anyone stop her from achieving her dream. Winner of the Audience Awards at both Cinequest and CAAM, EAST SIDE SUSHI is a feel-good film and a wholly Bay Area endeavor, from the cast and production crew, to the Osaka sushi restaurant itself.

6:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

7:00 pm @ Humanist Hall - TRUE SON plays with BROKEN CITY POETS
Q&A with director Kevin Gordon and members of Michael Tubbs' family to follow the screening of TRUE SON

Film: True Son


Directed by Ariane Wu
29 min
BROKEN CITY POETS documents the lives of four high school students who are challenged to use poetry to make sense of their bankrupt, gang-ridden city.


Co-presented by San Joaquin International Film Festival

Director Kevin Gordon
72 min

True Son

Can a city be more than its reputation? More than what the powers-that-be see it as? With record homicides and impending bankruptcy, Stockton, CA might at first glance seem to be the last place for a smart, driven, up-and-coming 22-year old Stanford graduate to stake his claim. But Michael Tubbs’ is no ordinary Stanford grad. In Jhanvi Shriram’s documentary TRUE SON, Michael, a Stockton native born to a teenage mother and incarcerated father, begins a remarkable election campaign for city council, rallying hundreds of Stockton residents between the ages of 14-21 to join his movement to Reinvent Stockton, and picking up support from the likes of local politicians and Oprah Winfrey along the way.

9:30 pm @ Humanist Hall

Directors: Todd Rosken, Graham Roberts, Kelly Broich, Patrick Longstreth, Adam-Gabriel Belley-Côté, Ramin Rahimi, Yoann Lusi, Joe Grisaffi, Sander Maran, Lorenzo Berghella
89 min

UP THE VALLEY AND BEYOND, Todd Rosken, 15 min

GOD OF FUR, Graham Roberts, 16 min

BLOODY BOXES, Kelly Broich, 4 min

EGGHEAD, Patrick Longstreth, 1 min

INVECTUM, Adam-Gabriel Belley-Côté, 3 min

CENAPSE #1, Ramin Rahimi, 3 min

CENAPSE #2, Ramin Rahimi, 2 min

BEHIND THE BUSH, Yoann Lusi, 13 min

DON’T LOOK IN THE ATTIC, Joe Grisaffi, 7 min


MASS, Matthew Ragsdale, 4 min

TOO BAD, Lorenzo Berghella, 18 min

11:30 pm @ Humanist Hall - MONDO FUZZ plays with EVERYTHING IS NORMAL


Directed by David Witzling
2 min

An experimental abstract collage with an original score, this video weaves together fragments of industrially-fabricated culture and recycled electromagnetic pollution to explore the arts of editing, selecting, and compiling.


Director Andy Ray Lemon
110 min

Working from the philosophy that a band is best captured during live performance, this concert film mixtape made on a video clerk’s wages documents key exponents of the Austin underground garage scene via guerrilla-style footage in the dives and parties where working musicians of the Live Music Capitol forge their creative visions. Fetishistic attention is paid to the aesthetic codes, occult symbolism, and exotic plumage of the new American mating rituals on parade in the modern haunts of youth. By turning an anthropological eye on this subculture in its natural habitat, MONDO FUZZ bears witness to heartbreak, joy and rage returned to their purest vehicles of expression: janglin’ Jaguars, screaming stompboxes, and Mexican Strats.

390 - 27th Street - Oakland, CA

12:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Directors: Naiwei Liu, Johannes Hartmann, Adam-Gabriel Belley-Côté, Lauren Kinsler, Dimitri Moore, Shawn Bannon, Nino Christen, Yolanda Centeno, Mike Biagiotti
89 min


DEADLOCKED, Johannes Hartmann, 13 min

MIRACLE ON THE 13TH AVENUE, Adam-Gabriel Belley-Côté, 8 min

KING BLING, Lauren Kinsler, 14 min

MEET IN A PUBLIC PLACE, Dimitri Moore, 9 min


L’ILE NOIRE, Nino Christen, 7 min

ZUGZWANG, Yolanda Centeno, 9 min

EAT UGLY CARROTS, Mike Biagiotti, 2 min

PHIL’S BUTTS, Gabriel Munitz-Alessio, 14 min

2:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by SF Indie Fest

Director Mia Engberg
76 min

A long distance call from a long lost lover makes a woman reminisce about their common past. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the vespa, and the cat named Baby. A film about love, time and things that got lost along the way, Mia Engberg’s BELLEVILLE BABY deftly combines the director’s passionate and complex memories of first love with a semi-fictionized present, resulting in a jarring hybrid that Variety calls “dreamlike” and “lyrical.” Mingling super 8 and 16mm footage with aural re-enactments, this award winning documentary is wildly personal, deeply poetic, and utterly unmissable in its Oakland premiere.

4:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by Frameline

Director blair dorosh-walther
75 min

In 2006, under the neon lights in a gay friendly neighborhood of New York City, four young African-American lesbians are violently and sexually threatened by a man on the street. As is far too often the case with people of color, when they defend themselves against him, the four women are charged and convicted in the courts, and subsequently persecuted by the media, gaining the moniker a “Gang of Killer Lesbians.” Director blair dorosh-walther’s intimate documentary combines interviews with Renata, Patreese, Terrain, and Venice, footage from the night of the assault, and in-depth interviews with lawyers, experts, and family members to reveal how race, gender identity, and sexuality became criminalized in the mainstream news media and criminal legal system. RogerEbert.com declares “This film could help influence the ongoing LGBT civil rights struggle. Everyone should see it.”

6:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by SF Indie Fest

Directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
97 min

20,000 DAYS ON EARTH is an imagined 24 hours in the life of one of music’s most original voices, the iconic Nick Cave. Filmmakers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard combine drama and reality to give us a bigger picture of the artistic process for one of the most prolific and charismatic musicians working today. Neither a music documentary nor a concert film, the film is instead a study of the people, places and experiences that have shaped Cave’s career. Filled with spellbinding live performances, past collaborators and friends, this genre bending film is a singular experience; much as Nick Cave has always been.

8:00 pm @ Humanist Hall

Co-Presented by SF Indie Fest

Director Adam Rifkin
82 min

Giuseppe Andrews runs a one-man movie studio from his mobile home in Ventura, California. He’s made 30 independent features and sets out to make his latest, Garbanzo Gas, over just two days. Giuseppe has no agenda. He wants to have fun, wear spandex, challenge himself and bring together the people he cares about for a good time. It’s not about the result as much as the experience, the act of creation. His process does have a few rules, however: he only uses a single video camera; sticks to a handwritten first-draft script; prefers working with non-actors such as homeless men and neighbours from the trailer park; and feeds his characters lines off-screen. Giuseppe’s vision runs deeper and weirder than comedy, exploitation or bad taste in this wonderful making-of doc. Follow a totally original oddball as he shoots and directs his outlandish story about an escaped cow enjoying an all-expenses-paid trip… to a motel. (Angie Driscoll, HotDocs)